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Hello, this is Lori, and I want to officially welcome you to our Mod Moms family! 

​I have always been obsessed with motherhood. I played with baby dolls and carried them around for far longer than I would want to admit. I became the town babysitter, so I could "practice" motherhood often. I couldn't wait to actually become a mother!

​But I'm not going to always talk about me. Because you joined this newsletter for YOU. 

​My goal is to offer you more valuable content for FREE than what other people charge for (that way, you'll anxiously open each email, ready to absorb it as if you were paying for it).

​In fact, tomorrow I'm going to share with you a list of secrets about your children that is sure to bring a smile to your face--but you must open the email when you receive it. 

​Yes, your relationship with me is important, and I want to start it off great . . .

​So, I'm going to WOW you with so much value that you will want to pay attention to me and take advantage of future offers.

Sound good?

Fabulous! Then look for that email tomorrow. 

Until then, thanks for being part of our family. And Welcome!

Lori "Your New Best Mom Friend" Conger

P.S. The subject line is "Expert, Ch. 2 of 5: The day all my planning failed"--so look for it!